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Sign the petition

As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Dinokeng Game Reserve which is an awesome milestone, we also ask you to sign this petition to help us make the Dinokeng destination even a better one for you to come and visit!

Whether you are a landowner, tourism, or any other related businesses, visitors, or friends alike, please ASSIST US! your vote really matters… It’s easy… Please be kind with your comments with no slurs, being pro-active is important with positivity!

Please keep in mind that the inception of Dinokeng started in 1995 with the NEGI project, which morphed from Amakulu to Dinokeng! 26 years to date and is still ongoing… Thank you for your participation in making Dinokeng an awesome destination.

The 2 main artery roads, Hammanskraal and the De Wagensdrift/Hartebeesfontein are in a dismal condition, trashing not only cars but caravans, trucks, and buses alike, who uses these roads to get to the Dinokeng Game Reserve (DGR) and the rest of Greater Dinokeng area through Dinokeng Central, Roodeplaat and Cullinan Hubs.

Our plea is to sign this petition for Government and Dinokeng Projects, to take this seriously, considering the billions in expenditure on creating this destination as well as the DGR. It is the only entity in Dinokeng that receives significant financial contributions to its success, and it now urgently needs to address this issue.

We hope that our Ward Councilor, Phuti KW, in charge of Tshwane Ward 99 – Region 5 can assist us in our endeavors. Please support her and us by signing this petition.

Sign here!

Posted: 22/09/2021
Category: Dinokeng , Misc

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